Journey of a Production Assistant

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Big News! Reached My 1-Year Goal!

A little over a year ago I took a nervous step toward my career goals. Best Buy closed shop and gave me the boot and I was left to make a huge life decision. It was time for me to pursue my passion, what I had spent endless hours studying for in college, to decidedly chase my dreams. Although I had to start from the bottom as a Post Production Assistant I made it my goal to be promoted within a year. I was determined to work my ass off so I could make the next step in my career. I may be behind in my career path, but it won’t stop me from keeping forward momentum.

I am blessed to have an awesome friend who helped me network and later get my first few gigs in the Post Production world of Reality Television. I couldn’t have asked to work with a better team of people who have a wealth of knowledge to share while recognizing all that I have to offer and who genuinely have my best interests at heart.

I’m excited to be working with an awesome team as the Post Production Coordinator for several shows.

Here’s to my continuation of my journey in the Post Production world in Hollywood.

Shout out to all my homies who help me keep sane when the $hit hits the fan! I’m still going to need your shoulders to lean on from time to time.

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jessicasayywhat asked: Hey! I just got into an internship program doing production intern and have worked as a PA in the past but I'm a little worried about what type of shoes I should plan on wearing each day (weird thing to worry about I know) but I wore converse as a PA and it was fine and now I feel that in an office setting it may not be as appropriate. Any advice?

More times than not if you’re doing post production you’ll want to wear whatever is most comfortable (like you mentioned).  That being said, if you’re going to be the “face” of the office (receptionist) type work then you’ll want to dress up a little more.  For example at our post facility it’s very casual (sneakers), however, at our main post production/accounting offices everyone dresses business casual with women wearing nicer shoes than sneakers (sorry I’m a dude and don’t know all the names of women’s shoes to recommend lol).

My advice is to dress up a bit on your first day or week and get a feel for what everyone is wearing (at least that’s what I do). Not sneakers, but not high heels either.  Be ready to work and do runs and stand on your feet at the copy machine.  The worst that can happen is that you’re a bit dressed up and your feet hurt for one day until you figure out what’s acceptable.  Even if someone gives you a hard time for dressing up a bit at least you’ll know to dress down instead of looking like a bum and making a bad impression.  Hope this helps!

Give us an update about how your internship is going too!

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What a hectic week!  My Post Coordinator was out for a few days due to the flu and I had to cover them while they were out.

Let’s just say everything that could go wrong, went wrong and everything took longer than it should have.  Still trying to figure out why I stayed until 12:30AM yesterday.  Thankfully I had two kick ass AEs by my side and we got close to being back on track.

TGIF.  I’m sleeping in tomorrow.

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lovelylittlesiren asked: okay so hi but how did your first time as a production assistant on set go? because my first time being one is tonight and although i went to training to learn how to be a good production assistant i am freaking out so do you have any really useful tips. thank you

Congrats on landing a gig! 

A few helpful tips that I can give (and you may already know) are:

1)  Be prepared.  Bring pens, a notepad, and a charged cell-phone.  If you need to take notes, phone numbers, names, directions, dinner/lunch orders you’ll want something to write the info down.  It doesn’t hurt to have a few pens with you because if someone else forgets one you’ll have an extra one on hand and be a hero (even if only for a second).

2)  Keep the Call Sheet on you and any necessary phone numbers at all times.  Don’t lose it.  It will give you all the necessary info you’ll need to help you get through the day.

3)  Whether you use petty cash or your own cash, ALWAYS get a receipt AND make sure it clearly states which business.  Some small restaurants don’t always have a register that prints out the business name on it, get it stamped by them.  If not you risk not getting reimbursed.

4)  On a similar note, have change handy in case you need to feed any parking meters.

5)  Be organized if you end up taking lunch orders.  Use that pen and pad to take down orders and note any particulars.  Double check the order before you leave the restaurant to make sure it’s correct.  Ask the restaurant to label each order with the person’s name.

6) Ask questions. I know it seems over whelming, but if you ask the right questions then you are less likely to mess something up later down the road.  Trust me, they’ll appreciate that you’re asking the question so that you do your job correctly.

7)  Take initiative.  If you see something needs to be done, do it or ask if it’s okay that you do it.  You’ll get noticed if you stay active instead of hiding behind a crafty table avoiding doing any work.  The more people you meet and they see you working, the better.  Trust me there can be a lot of down time where there isn’t anything that needs attention, just know the difference between the two.

8)  Everyone has their first day as a PA and most people know/remember how much being a PA sucks so most people will be polite…of course there are always those that aren’t but just shrug it off and move on.

Good Luck and I hope this helps!  Let me know how your gig goes  :)